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PopAds Campaign Tutorial

This article will help guide you through the campaign optimization process of The PopAds network is a very similar ad exchange to Propeller Ads. They offer affordable pop under traffic on a CPM basis. PopAds offers a quick and easy sign up process for both publishers and advertisers. Today’s article will be geared towards the advertiser perspective.

PopAds has a huge range of highly customize-able options for laser targeted ad campaigns. You will be able to adjust the following settings:

Frequency Cap (how often a visitor can view your landing page)

Referrer (can be default or have a hidden referrer)

Adblock enabled or disabled

Popunder vs new tab (for Google Chrome browser)



Device Type


Website Targeting

The most powerful option when narrowing down and fine tuning a campaign is the website targeting option. On the PopAds advertiser campaign page there is an option to enter a publishers site ID. Each publisher is provided with a javascript ad tag that includes the URL “”. To find a list of publishers, there are two main methods; Similartech and publicWWW (page source code search engine).

SimilarTech is somewhat comparable to SimilarWeb, but instead of being a direct traffic flow analytics platform, they focus on which web technologies each website deploys. You can find all popads publishers, by searching the term “popads” on

On this link here, you will see the top publishers for PopAds.

For viewing the PopAds publisher list from PublicWWW, you can use this link here:

I never condone any piracy, but for this example lets use a site from the first page of results to research the source code. On gomovies123, you can view the pages source code as shown below to find the site id, which in this case is 2182909. You can now whitelist this site if you would like traffic from it.

This is a great method and it does have legitimate use cases. For example there are some crypto currency related sites that are monetized by Popads, and having those publisher ID numbers would come in handy if you are buying traffic to a crypto related blog or perhaps a crypto affiliate/CPA offer.

When glancing over the website list you will notice that the top publishers for PopAds happen to unfortunately be in the piracy/movie streaming niche or adult content. However there are other sites not in these verticals, but with less traffic.

Josh Garber

Studied online ad networks for 10 years and conducted dozens of case studies. Formerly an e-mail marketing specialist for an ecommerce business, where I proudly helped keep 50,000+ customers up to date for 5 years. Currently expanding into developing & monetizing video games with in-game advertising. I also currently work for a local car dealership, assisting them with online marketing & sales. Last but not least, I am also an eBay marketer.